By Britt Cumbie, CPA, LBMC Staffing Solutions

Healthcare Companies Problem Solve with New Approach to Filling Key Roles

While staffing for clinical positions has traditionally been the focus for healthcare companies, the changing healthcare environment is leading to another hiring conundrum: filling non-clinical positions. The increase of home health, renal care, and especially behavioral health centers – particularly for addiction treatment – is resulting in a growing need for qualified talent in the Nashville area.

The opioid crisis is driving healthcare companies to expand current facilities, as well as open niche care centers. New companies, such as axialHealthcare and 180 Health Partners, are forming, while others — including CleanSlate Centers and VisuWell— are relocating their headquarters to Nashville – joining Acadia Healthcare and American Addiction Centers who already call Nashville home.

But understanding treatment and recovery while navigating a complex system of regulations and reimbursement is a steep learning curve, and finding employees to handle both the clinical and administrative side of the business can be a challenge.

So how are healthcare companies filling CFO and other key back office roles to run their business? Here are a few ways they are problem solving to meet new demands:

They hire staff who have experience working across multiple locations. As companies grapple with integrating disparate back office systems into comprehensive, efficient operations, they are finding that hiring staff who are skilled with maintaining structures, communicating expectations and holding teams accountable across offices is invaluable.

They find people who know how to introduce change, modulate operations and harness purchasing power. As companies strive to get all their locations on the same financial and accounting systems and internal tracking systems, they need talent who can effectively centralize operations.

They think outside the box. As demand exceeds supply, healthcare providers are finding it no longer is effective – or possible – to hire solely from within their industry. Companies open to hiring candidates outside their sector who can learn the ropes of their business are more likely to fill positions on a timely basis, while bringing new ideas and fresh energy to their organizations.

They target staff who are customer centric. As Nashville’s legacy healthcare companies grapple with political and regulatory uncertainty, consumer spending habits are also changing in healthcare, demanding a sharper focus on the customer. Candidates with retail or manufacturing backgrounds — industries that have understood consumers for decades — are increasingly attractive to employers who know the importance of successfully engaging with the consumer.

The healthcare environment is evolving, and hiring is becoming more competitive all the time. Whether your recruiting team is in-house or outsourced, make sure they use a progressive approach to securing qualified talent for the growing number of crucial administrative roles.

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