By Lindsey Keeley

Despite its ancient roots in healing, integrative medicine has fought for its place in conventional healthcare for decades. The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) pioneered the movement in 1973 by establishing a community for like-minded practitioners to gather and learn from each other.

Now, over 45 years later, ACAM is pioneering another movement: joining medical practitioners and dentists to provide optimal healthcare solutions by combining their annual meeting with the American Academy of Physiological Medicine and Dentistry (AAPMD) and additional affiliates, thus creating the “Collaboration Cures” revolution. The meeting will take place October 17-19, 2019 in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Resort.

“With the current health problems with chronic disease and poor performance, collaboration is absolutely necessary because no one practitioner can have all the keys to answer the problem,” said AAPMD President and ACAM Vice-President Dr. Howie Hindin.

“I think this is the medicine of the future,” said Dr. Lise Alschuler. “I’ve been watching it emerge and I think we’re continuing to emerge and really infiltrate conventional medicine. And it’s such a good thing for patients, for providers, for the health of our human community.”

Dr. Alschuler is one of nearly 50 world-class speakers for the 2019 Collaboration Cures Meeting. In addition to Dr. Alschuler, attendees will have the opportunity to see Drs. Elena Frid, David Gozal, Stasha Gominak, Stanley Liu, Joseph Mercola and many more important leaders in the world of integrative medicine. View Speakers

The meeting will feature “joint” keynote speakers as well as 20 breakout tracks that allow attendees to tailor their education to topics most relevant to their practice. Tracks include rejuvenation and brain health, airway and sleep, inflammation, neurodegeneration, integrative cancer care, an early career learning module and so much more. View Schedule

“I’m a little bit of a conference junkie,” said Program Committee Member, Dr. Dana Cohen. “And ACAM is by far my favorite. We delve in deep into the issues that functional practitioners look for and it’s really grounded in science.”

“You learn as much during breaks and lunches and dinners as you do in the lectures sometimes,” said ACAM Past President Dr. Allen “Buddy” Green. “It’s so important today to meet with other physicians who do the work that you do and to teach each other, and that’s what ACAM is all about. It’s by and for healthcare practitioners.”

Dr. Alschuler echoed the sentiment. “Community is essential for us as practitioners, particularly in the field of integrative medicine where we’re still not mainstream, and we still have to assert ourselves to gain patients, to gain reimbursement, to gain respect,” she said. “There’s lots of challenges that are out there for integrative practitioners, and it’s hard … perhaps even impossible … to face these challenges as a single, solo practitioner.”

In ACAM’s signature ‘learn-today-use-tomorrow format,’ attendees can expect to gain immediately applicable education while expanding their network with a group of peers ready to make a difference.

“I love the doctors that come to ACAM,” said Dr. Cohen. “The most open-minded, authentic and honest doctors that have the biggest hearts, and I mean that. After every ACAM meeting, I leave and I come home so renewed and so refreshed for my practice.”



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