By Brian Moyer

With the strain that COVID-19 has put on healthcare systems worldwide, many are looking to healthcare hubs for the innovations that may get us out of the disease’s spiral.

Nashville is not only recognized as one of these healthcare centers, but also an emerging HealthTech hub. Accordingly, the Greater Nashville Technology Council (NTC) – the advocacy organization for Middle Tennessee’s $8 billion tech sector – has a significant number of members in the HealthTech space.

True to the innovative spirit that characterizes our region’s broader tech community, Nashville’s HealthTech sector has quickly responded with solutions to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies are offering existing services at a significant discount and others have released new innovations using their existing technical capabilities.

Here are some of those initiatives from NTC-member HealthTech companies:

Bridge Connector is offering free data system integrations for COVID-19 first responders. The pre-configured rapid response system integrations are helping response teams, call centers and care teams more effectively communicate and manage patient data and streamline communications for a more efficient treatment process.

The Center for Medical Interoperability released ventilator data specifications for remote testing services, which will make it easier for providers to capture data across an organization to improve management and monitoring of COVID-19 patients and others with respiratory failure. Normalized and trusted ventilator data will also allow investigators to evaluate and share interventions across organizations.

EvidenceCare is offering a free clinical decision support system for treating COVID-19. The system helps streamline the provider’s workflow by collating clinical documentation with each interaction and delivering the most current diagnosis and relevant treatment information available based on the patient’s presenting symptoms, severity and comorbidity. It is available to hospital systems, emergency room providers, urgent care companies and telehealth providers actively interfacing with patients globally.

GreenLight Medical is giving complimentary access to research for identifying and acquiring critical medical devices and supplies needed to treat COVID-19. Their medical device research database and product request tool accelerates the identification and acquisition of medical devices, product equivalents, FDA regulatory guidelines, Recall & MAUDE events, and clinical evidence research.

HealthStream is providing their training platform free of charge to the State of Tennessee to support the healthcare professionals who will be working in the newly created alternate healthcare facilities. The program has compliance, safety, clinical education and coding courses that are most salient to the unique training needs currently facing healthcare professionals.

Perception Health announced a new service to track the daily spread of COVID-19. The service shows the daily impact of COVID-19 on America’s counties and local health systems in the form of a map. Their goal has been to report data accurately and in a timely manner.

Relatient’s two-way patient chat and digital intake tools are being used by medical practices to further mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission. In some cases, these tools are helping patients check-in and wait for their turn from their vehicles, skipping the waiting room entirely.

Quore’s Aid Program is helping hotel properties transition to isolation wards for COVID-19 treatment. The goal is to relieve the pressure on hospitals, allowing them to focus treatment on the sickest patients, while non-severe cases can be moved to an isolation ward. Since most business and vacation travel has been cancelled, hotels are prime real estate for these facilities.

These examples highlight both the creative and collaborative qualities that are trademarks of greater Nashville and our tech community. The pandemic has disrupted our healthcare industry in ways we could never have imagined. But it has also accelerated the use of technology in new and innovative ways. Nashville is well-positioned to lead in this transformation. Let’s seize this opportunity and lead into the “world that is becoming.”


May Blog.HealthTech.Brian MoyerBrian Moyer is the president and CEO of the Greater Nashville Technology Council.