By PATRICK JOHNSON, Co-Founder of ReCOVer-Health

As Nashville businesses reboot operations amid COVID-19, demand is surging for timely, on-site testing of employees. Local entrepreneurs are bringing customized COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and mitigation to the workforce, helping Music City get back to business – responsibly.

Private Sector Responds to Public Need

We’ve all seen the headlines … and many have faced testing woes firsthand. With inconsistent turnaround windows and often limited access for the asymptomatic, securing prompt test results has been no small feat.

Consider the burden of regularly needing quick-turnaround results to stay employed, a challenge many frontline workers now face. From hotels and restaurants to colleges and universities … retailers to live music venues … Nashville’s economy hinges on groups of people coming together in good health. To do so safely, many employers require COVID-negative test results. Even if these tests are readily accessible and free, unpredictable turnarounds complicate the process.

Through our new start-up ReCOVer-Health, my business partner Dr. Turner Nashe, Jr. and I are fine-tuning a customizable suite of concierge Covid-19 services, from testing to contact tracing and spread mitigation. Forecasting demand back in the spring, we set out to bridge the gap from the workplace to the lab. Ultimately, we aspire to support public health while aiding economic recovery.

Better Testing, Better Business

Consider the time, trust and talent a business stands to lose by not protecting employees and patrons. Beyond the human toll, those not appropriately managing risk face significant reputational damage.

Particularly in Music City, timely testing can mean the difference between keeping or losing a gig. As Nashville finds innovative ways to bring artists back to the stage, venues are rightly requiring negative COVID results – from the headliner to the roadie. Enter reliable concierge services, with on-site testing options that can turn results in time to meet venue deadlines.

By outsourcing COVID-19 testing and mitigation functions to a qualified, credentialed group, business leaders can stay focused on rebounding from the pandemic.

Consider the Source

Checking credentials is imperative to a successful concierge testing relationship. We recommend starting with the following questions:

  • How long have you been managing COVID-19 services?
  • Who are your scientific advisors?
  • What research-based evidence informs your work? 
  • How often do you revisit/update best practices based on scientific advancements? 
  • Can you provide COVID-specific references for businesses of my size/sector?

Many groups jumping into the testing arena do not have backgrounds in healthcare, and even fewer have proven success in mitigating COVID-19. Beware of those marketing unresearched services with inflated claims.  We learn more about the virus each week and must continually update strategies to win the fight.

An Ongoing Need

While we would love to see an imminent vaccine eradicate this disease, evidence points to the pandemic being a long-term, global threat. To stay operational, businesses should consider concierge COVID-19 services. As we adjust to a new back-to-business normal, we can expect customized COVID-19 testing and tracing services to become increasingly commonplace, faster and more sophisticated.

As a healthcare and hospitality capital, it’s only natural for Nashville to emerge as a leader in this new essential service — and we must do our due diligence to ensure we are selecting the right partner for this essential work.

Patrick Johnson is co-founder of ReCOVer-Health, a concierge COVID-19 solutions corporation representing a comprehensive suite of services to mitigate the spread of the virus. For more information, go to